GIS solutions play a crucial role in the defense sector. Detailed information related to targeted geographic locations is important for conducting military operations. With the help of accurate details about the surrounding area, strategic decisions involving command, communication, control and coordination are taken in battlegrounds and warzones. ATA Geospatial services in providing digital maps and detailed satellite imageries can provide support in military activities including intelligence operations, cartography, battlefield management, remote sensing, terrain analysis, monitoring of enemy activities and military installation management.

Precise information of geographic locations and spatial data is absolutely necessary for developing strategic decisions in military operations. With solutions provided by ATA Geospatial, such operations can be highly beneficial for data routing and analysis. Visualization of real time geographic data gathered and processed with the help artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms provide up-to-date situation of enemy activities. Digital maps and satellite imageries by GIS tools can be effectively used for mission briefing in battlegrounds and communication planning. Also, GIS applications can be used for battlefield simulations for developing strategic operational decisions.